Slide Gate Openers

Sliding gates offer a number of advantages over swing gates. A sliding gate requires less space, which allows the full length of the driveway to be usable for parking vehicles. It also offers higher security due to the stronger resistance to being pushed open than swing gates. Sliding gates will also work on an upward sloping driveway where a pair of swing gates would not be able to open inward.

Swing Gate Openers

Swing gate openers come in two basic styles: Linear and Articulated
The pictures display the Linear arm style with the arm connecting from the gate opener to the gate. The Articulated Arm style is pad mounted and works better on heavier than normal driveway gates, and in high use situations.
Swing gate equipment can be electro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic in nature. Electro-mechanical equipment is generally designed for the domestic user and has a duty cycle that suits family residences and driveways that are not busy throughout the day. Electro-hydraulic equipment is generally designed for a higher duty cycle and is suitable for busy entrances and prestige gates. Post-mounted operators (Mechanical or Hydraulic) are fixed to the gatepost and a sturdy cross member on the gate.

If you have a solid wood gate, the swing gate & opener are not recommended, as wind resistance can cause problems when trying to open & close the electric gate and can severely damage the gate opener. It would also create an additional strain on the wood frame.


SWING Gate (Double Arm)

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